Recent episodes:

#55 – Amber & Jim Marchese

Ian aka Captain Counterpoint is back in the studio, and he is earning his name right from the get go! Then we are joined by two people who are certainly #NotWithIan, Amber & James Marchese of Real Housewives of New Jersey & Marriage Boot Camp fame. The couple came on TTS and talked everything from […]

#54 – DDP

Diamond Dallas Page is in studio, talking about growing up with ADD and dyslexia, a wrestling career that began at age 35 and didn’t really take off until he was 40, a wrestling career that included both WCW and WWE and his current work as a motivational speaker and founding DDPYoga.

#53 – Amy Phillips

Actress & comedian Amy Phillips joins us in studio! We dive into Amy’s deep archive of impressions that include almost every Real Housewife you’ve ever heard of. Kellie manages to hurt herself, Ashley updates us on Emmy news, Jared & Keven get into one of their tiffs & Keven gives the entire crew fashion advice.

#52 – Florence Henderson

X-Pac sets the record straight regarding an article that he feels mischaracterized his relationship with Chyna. TV icon Florence Henderson joins us, she discusses her career, including working with Dean Martin, appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “The Tonight Show” as a guest and the first female guest-host, “The Love Boat” and “The Brady Bunch”.

#51 – Hollywood Career Coach

Jared at 32 returns to TTS, and so does his ego. We find out being a pussy is worse than being a victim. Roxy binges Star Trek and Kellie is ecstatic over her fake boyfriend’s improvements to the social media station. Then, Keven plays Hollywood Career Coach to three talented AfterBuzzers.

#50 – Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke calls in to talk about his legendary career as an actor, producer, writer,  host and composer, including experiences working with Richard Pryor, Johnny Cash, Bill Cosby, Glen Campbell and many more. He also discusses the iconic theme songs that he wrote, and his current show, Unusually Thicke.

#49 – Matt Iseman

Actor-comedian and host of “American Ninja Warrior” Matt Iseman is in studio talking about becoming a doctor and giving it all up to go into Show business, his love for Rocky, Star Trek, behind the scenes dirt on “American Ninja Warrior” and keeping the ticket stub from every movie he’s seen since 8th grade.

#48 – Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis of “The Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight” talks about her very different experiences going on reality television to find love, how fortunate she considers herself to have found her husband Doug Hehner (which she writes about in her new book “Wifey 101”), trying to start a family and raising her siblings while […]

#47 – Drita D’Avanzo

Jared at 32 is AWOL, so Lauren takes the helm in the booth to conference in with Drita of Mob Wives who holds nothing back by talking about six years on the show,  how the other wives started exaggerating their personalities for the sake of the camera, how producers dictated who they would be friends […]

#46 – Sean “X-Pac” Waltman

Friend of The Tomorrow Show Sean “X-Pac Waltman” is in studio talking about classic and present-day wrestlers including Bob Backlund, Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar, Sean Michaels, Randy Orton and how he doesn’t believe there are more injuries in wrestling today than in the past.