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#24 – Muhammad Ali, Base Reality and Brock Turner

Keven is back in the Captain’s chair to remember the great life and career of Muhammad Ali, a study that said successful CEOs are just lucky, Keven’s trip back home, that we are most likely not living in a base reality and how Stanford Rapist Brock Turner should never be forgotten.


#23 – Guest Host Illeana Douglas

Guest Host Illeana Douglas shares her experiences in and out of Hollywood, dating in your 20s and beyond, and then, she randomly flips through a journal from 1998 that inspires her to tell some great stories, including relying on the talents of Richard Dreyfuss and Liza Minelli and not having “lunch” with Marlon Brando.


#22 – Beers, Viagra and Keven’s Psychiatrist

Keven relinquishes his seat to Pantene Katie and becomes the guest where everything from LSD to Viagra is discussed. We go down memory lane and watch Maria’s first appearance on The Howard Stern show, talk about Keven’s good old days at the carnival and talk to his psychiatrist.


#21 – Ben Gleib

Roxy got her psychic reading and in classic Honey Badger fashion turned the tables on the psychic. Comedian Ben Gleib joins the crew to discuss his fight on a plane with Chelsea Handler, his run in with Michael Richards, how Seinfeld saved his life and why Hilary Clinton should choose Bernie Sanders as her VP.

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#20 – Illeana Douglas

Actor-comedian-director-producer-author Illeana Douglas was in the studio to talk about her new book, “I Blame Dennis Hopper” and her lifetime with show business: from meeting Rudy Vallee, getting a unicycle lesson from Peter Sellers, crying with Marlon Brando and more. She also shares some very vivid memories from the set of “Goodfellas”.


#19 – Guest Host J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth of 3 Ball Entertainment hosts in Keven’s absence. He explains to the crew that there’s never such a thing as overnight success, his views on gender roles in society and a story about Brandon Lee’s penis. Later J.D. listens to Reality Show pitches from AfterBuzzers and determines whether their show would sink or […]


#18 – Cerina Vincent

“Stuck in the Middle” star Cerina Vincent joins us in the studio to talk about how her career started in the same Miss Teen USA pageant as Maria, and tries to offer advice from her own personal life to encourage Roxy during her recent heartbreak.


#17 – Chuck Saftler

President of Program Strategy and COO for FX Television Networks Chuck Saftler joins the crew to talk about his start at Columbia Pictures, working his way up at KTLA then landing a job at a little startup called FX in the mid 90’s. Keven talks about the appeal of McDonald’s, Ozzy and Sharon’s divorce and […]


#16 – J.D. Roth

Producer JD Roth came into the studio to talk about his new book, “The Big Fat Truth”, early success with “Fun House”, how texting is ruining the world and “The Biggest Loser”. Keven discussed an emasculating experience when Maria caught him in the weight room and about the importance of having someone who is batshit […]


#15 – Justin Hires

Joe and Keven reminisce about pitching story ideas to the WWF in the mid 90’s. Justin Hires of “Rush Hour” stops by to discuss his role in “21 Jump Street”, a network who wouldn’t let him out of a pilot deal to join the cast of “Empire” and finally, they talk about how Hollywood makes […]