Recent episodes:


# 65 – Halloween!

The TTS Team celebrates Halloween as rockers, superheroes and sexy disney characters. We talked politics, got a call in from Ian AKA Patchy and found him, once again, to be captain counterpoint. Kev shared a touching story of his and Maria’s Dog Noelle. It was a real mixed bag full of fun, and, as always, […]


# 64 – Jon Taffer & Jenni Pulos

Afterbuzz alum and current WWE TV host Cathy Kelley sits in for the entire show, while Jenni Pulos of “Flipping Out” makes a new best friend in Jon Taffer of “Bar Rescue”, who talk about whether the country is headed regardless of who wins the election. Jon also advices Jenni on her family’s business, the […]


#63 – Heather Thomson

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Heather Thomson calls in to talk about her career before the show, including working with Puff Daddy, JLo and Beyonce, backstage antics with Robert Plant, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi, her experiences on the show, how she would be willing to go back, plus her thoughts on Billy […]


#62 – Dorinda Medley & Stan Lee

Tonight was an action-packed evening! Dorinda Medley of Real Housewives of New York fame called in to chat with The Tomorrow Show crew. She shared her feelings on everything from Hillary Clinton to Sonja to Andy Cohen, himself. After the interview the crew had a brief interlude where they decided that Roxy would be Keven’s […]


#61 – The Tomorrow Show Sans Housewife

Due to a communication problem, the crew is without a celebrity guest, so Keven revisits the debate between old Corey Feldman and New Corey Feldman, then asks Roxy about her recent cannabis adventures, asks the girls about some of their sexy Halloween costume ideas, while Keven discusses one of his most epic Halloween nights


#60 – Kurt Yaeger

Actor Kurt Yaeger is in studio to talk about his careers, first as a professional BMXer, then as an actor, including rules “Sons of Anarchy” and Cinemax’s “Quarry”, how he rides his motorcycle, despite being a below the knee amputee after a motorcycle accident, his advocacy for actors with disabilities and producing. He also joins […]


#59 – Christy Gibel

“Little Women: LA” star Christy Gibel was in studio to talk about how the show has impacted her life, and permanently altered some of her friendships, including with former Tomorrow Show guest Terra Jole. She also talks about her sobriety, her family life and her career outside of the show and sits in to discuss […]


#58 – Jason Nash & Kathy Garver

Actor-Comedian-Director-Writer Jason Nash visited the studio to discuss his latest film “FML”, being known as “the old guy on Twitter” and is indoctrinated into the Fake Life Detective Agency. Then, we get a phone call from Kathy Garver, who played Cissy on “Family Affair” tells us about her career, which started out working alongside Charlton […]


#57 – Launching the Fake Detective Agency

PART 1 PART 2 The Fake Life Detective Agency gets a big step closer to being the Real Life Detective Agency with a visit from Los Angeles-Based Private Investigator Bruce Robertson, who tells Keven, Ashley, Kellie and Lauren what it will take to start getting clients. Then, Keven talks about the surprise dinner at Sylvester […]


#56 – Dawn of the Fake Detective Agency

There might not be a guest, but, the bridge of the USS Tomorrow Show is full, including special guest Sean “XPac” Waltman, and also a mini-Hollywood Career Coach segment with Jeff Graham of Afterbuzz TV who discusses the process of pitching his unscripted television show with Keven. There’s also talk about the presidential election, discussion […]