Comic-Con, Party On, Mueller Gone?

On tonight’s episode of The NotSam Network’s The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro & Roxy Striar: Roxy and Steph share their CRAZY Comic-Con party stories + fav celeb interviews —- When guys NEED to make a move! —- One of Roxy’s friends met their significant other’s dad who makes paintings with human skin. Is that a dealbreaker?? —- The new Marvel movies that will take all our money the next several years —- Are we done with Mueller after his 7 HOUR questioning Wednesday?

#18 – Cerina Vincent

“Stuck in the Middle” star Cerina Vincent joins us in the studio to talk about how her career started in the same Miss Teen USA pageant as Maria, and tries to offer advice from her own personal life to encourage Roxy during her recent heartbreak.