#187 – Baio vs. Eggert & Rose McGowan vs. Alyssa Milano

On tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro:

– We learned what it really means when you say “I’m a perfectionist”

– Keven ran into celebrity Sean Whalen at coffee bean and became his Jew

– Keven teaches how to have a bird’s-eye view when problem solving

– We weighed in on the Scott Baio / Nicole Eggert sexual allegations

– Has Rose McGowan gone too far? Plus her dislike for Alyssa Milano

– Co-host Michael argues why Aaron Rogers is actually the greatest QB of all time

#86- Ricky Williams

Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams is on the bridge to talk about football, the toll it took on his body, treating himself with medical marijuana, astrology, who he gets along with on Celebrity Apprentice (and who he doesn’t!) He also comments on an incident he had with the police on Tyler Texas. Keven and the crew also discuss the Trump Inauguration and the way his administration handled the media reports. XPac also talks about who was at the Chael Sonnen-Tito Ortiz fight