#132-Matt Iseman

Today’s show started with our own Roxy Striar giving us an exclusive Maria Menounos post-surgery update! After that, guest host, Matt Iseman took us through some interesting topics in his own life including his deep-seeded hatred for musicals, what’s next in his career and whether or not there could be a Baby Iseman on the way anytime soon. Other topics breached this evening include Baby Driver, Big Brother, the Hawaii 5-0 pay discrepancy and Matt Iseman’s horrible luck with contact lenses. In addition, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman sat in on the show and had a VERY` interesting take on the Rob Kardashian vs. Blac Chyna Saga!

#49 – Matt Iseman

Actor-comedian and host of “American Ninja Warrior” Matt Iseman is in studio talking about becoming a doctor and giving it all up to go into Show business, his love for Rocky, Star Trek, behind the scenes dirt on “American Ninja Warrior” and keeping the ticket stub from every movie he’s seen since 8th grade.