#28 – Eric Braeden

Eric talks about his childhood in Germany and how his father supported the Nazi party. He then talked about his career that included working with Marlon Brando, working with Keven’s hero Jack Lord on “Hawaii Five-O”, how he didn’t want to do James Cameron’s “Titanic” and when he was most scared in life.

#23 – Guest Host Illeana Douglas

Guest Host Illeana Douglas shares her experiences in and out of Hollywood, dating in your 20s and beyond, and then, she randomly flips through a journal from 1998 that inspires her to tell some great stories, including relying on the talents of Richard Dreyfuss and Liza Minelli and not having “lunch” with Marlon Brando.

#20 – Illeana Douglas

Actor-comedian-director-producer-author Illeana Douglas was in the studio to talk about her new book, “I Blame Dennis Hopper” and her lifetime with show business: from meeting Rudy Vallee, getting a unicycle lesson from Peter Sellers, crying with Marlon Brando and more. She also shares some very vivid memories from the set of “Goodfellas”.