#156 – Millennial Crime Confession

On tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow Show, the millennials confessed to their lives of crime and stealing…ummm…”receiving” gifts. With clear consciences, they turned to talking about other people’s wrongdoings, including that of Cam Newton’s sexist comments and the latest on the Las Vegas shooter. Finally, they closed the show talking about their favorite fall television shows and why the TV networks are driving them broke!

#155 – A Millennial’s Take on Las Vegas

On tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow Show, we seek to find some sense following the senseless act of violence in Las Vegas. Former secret service agent Evy Poumpouras talked about the shooting at Mandalay Bay and how it doesn’t fit the mold of previous mass shootings, while describing ways we all can protect ourselves from every day violence. The topic then turned to the life of Tom Petty, who is clinging to life. Thankfully, we ended the show on a high note talking about the wonderful efforts people are doing to help those in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

#82 – Crew is back 4 first show of 2017

Keven and the crew are back to ring in 2017, discussing the Golden Globes, a road trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including time networking in the Ladies Lounge, Mariah Carey’s career in light of her New Year’s Eve performance. There’s also reflection on the growth among The Tomorrow Show crew during 2016, then looking ahead to the upcoming Trump administration, and, finally, Keven reveals the role 70’s public service announcements had in the birth of the millennial generation