#30 – Ed Asner

Actor Ed Asner was in studio talking about his distinguished career, including his Emmy winning performances on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Lou Grant”, “Roots” and “Rich Man, Poor Man”. He also talked about working with Jack Lord on “Hawaii Five-O” and how his political comments about El Salvador led to him being black-listed.

#29 – Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank

Barbie Blank, formerly the WWE’s Kelly Kelly spends more than an hour in studio discussing how she went from modeling to her wrestling career and relationship with Test. She also discussed how she has a new show called WAGS.

Meet Your Hosts & Team

Meet Keven Undergaro, Roxy Striar, Ashley Grace Daniels, Jared Gilkerson, Lauren LoGrasso and Christian Bladt – The Tomorrow Show team.

BTW, the first episode drops tonight – March 14th! Lots to talk about now that Keven and Maria finally got engaged. And not JUST engaged, but engaged on Howard Stern’s show. Be sure to tune in.