#137 – Captain Kev is Back!

Captain Kev is finally back at the helm of the USS Tomorrow Show. Kev starts filling us in on what he has been up to since his last appearance on the show. All of the sudden, Admiral Maria Menounos stops by for a surprise visit to share a little of her story. She recounts what the recovery process has been like since her brain tumor removal, and shares what a phenomenal caregiver Keven has been. After Maria retires to go to bed, the crew comes back with some hot news stories. They weigh in on Justin Bieber turning to Christ, his recent Paparazzi run-in, Caitlyn Jenner’s backlash after trying to stick up for the trans community, and finally, what girls in the room would make good escorts and which would not. As always, a well-rounded show where both nothing and everything was learned.