#180-Golden Globes, Oprah & Trump Tweets!

On tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro:

-Should Logan Paul be forgiven? Breaking down Dr. Phil & Aaron Paul’s responses

-The ONLY thing you can count on when battling evil people

-Explaining The Right Man Syndrome & people you know who suffer from it

-Why Oprah would NOT make the best president

-Was wearing black at the Golden Globes more Hollywood hypocrisy?

-What Keven thinks Maria would’ve said if she’d interviewed Debra Messing on E!

-Has Rose McGowan gone too far?

#178 – Inside Catt Sadler’s E! News Exit



On tonight’s show, Captain Undergaro gave us tips on how to be successful in the New Year. He shared his secrets about setting goals and what to clean up in your life. We also received a new letter from Charles ‘Tex’ Watson. Keven also shared crazy stories from his college days, and how he managed to not get expelled. And of course we discussed Meryl Streep & the #SheKnew street art. Plus we had the inside information about Catt Sadler’s decision to leave E! News. 2017 has been fun friends, we will see you next year!



#118- Murray Swanby And Ashlee Lian

It’s a Monday night that feels like a Thursday night and Keven and the crew float the idea of getting the studio blessed, then Keven considers being less people’s Jew, which leads to a discussion about the advantages of dating Jewish. Ashley and Abby tell their stories about their first time, and then guests Murray Swanby and Ashlee Lian of E!’s “What Happens at the Abbey” beam aboard to talk about the show, relationships, friendships and to offer pointers as to how our own Michael Clouse can increase his social media following.