#138 – Mangria Monday with Captain Kev

On tonight’s episode, Captain Kev shared all the EXCLUSIVE details on his new favorite club, 213, where works as an undercover DJ alongside his fave, DIPLO. Stories ranged from how Kev almost purchased the infamous Liberace house in Vegas, to Rhelin’s scandalous, yet prayerful, dating life, to what it means to be in a throuple. In the end it was rounded out by a talk about the afterlife and whether or not we should have Universal Healthcare. As usual, it was a night filled with everything and nothing at the same time.

#35 – #TinderTales

America’s Top Online Dating Expert Julie Spira is in studio to offer dating tips to three contributors to Afterbuzz TV who share their Tinder Tales and dating nightmares, including wooden spoons, Hangover 2, one night stands and dual lap dances. But Roxy trumps them all. You won’t believe what fell out of her…