#31 – Sean “X-Pac” Waltman

Sean Waltman, also know as the WWE’s X-Pac, spent more than an hour talking about his upcoming podcast, his career, opening up about the last time he saw Chyna, how the WWE should conduct psych evaluations before hiring wrestlers, how he hated the nickname 1-2-3 Kid, that Kevin Nash checked him into rehab, that Vince McMahon was a great announcer, while the WWE is less fun today, that makes it safer, and his own prospects for the Hall of Fame

#12 – Lucy Walsh

The show starts by talking about the passing of Prince and WWE’s Chyna. Actress and Musician Lucy Walsh, daughter of Joe Walsh of The Eagles joins the crew in studio where she talks about working with director Garry Marshall and actors Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson on the new movie “Mother’s Day”. She also discusses how it was growing up with a famous dad, how she thought he was in the Beatles when she was younger and her friendship with Britney Spears.