#118- Murray Swanby And Ashlee Lian

It’s a Monday night that feels like a Thursday night and Keven and the crew float the idea of getting the studio blessed, then Keven considers being less people’s Jew, which leads to a discussion about the advantages of dating Jewish. Ashley and Abby tell their stories about their first time, and then guests Murray Swanby and Ashlee Lian of E!’s “What Happens at the Abbey” beam aboard to talk about the show, relationships, friendships and to offer pointers as to how our own Michael Clouse can increase his social media following.

#27 – Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville was in studio to talk about how she wants Liam Hemsworth to be her second husband, how she would never vote for Donald Trump, who she thinks is living in a reality show by running for President. She also talked about a lawsuit with Lisa Vanderpump, dating Ben Stiller and described her third book as a reverse manners book, which she wanted to call “Who the Fuck is Emily Post?”