#149- Captain Kev Returns

Tonight on The Tomorrow Show Captain Kev made his triumphant return to TTS to talk about his trip to Boston, his experience throwing Maria’s Mother Litsa a celebration of life and his mission to build the NotSam studio in less than 24 hours. Other topics the TTS crew hit included a long discussion about religion, Hurricane Irma and the plight of the modern clown. Another great show full of scams and life lessons.

#75 – Jessica Lowndes

The show starts off with Actress Jessica Lowndes in the studio to talk about her acting career on 90210, the Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption, her new movie Abattoir. She also discusses her musical career and involvement in the No Make Up Challenge. Then, Keven leads a spirited conversation on Bostonians, Roxy’s application to get her hair done, The Gong Show, the difficulty finding people to provide services, but, how ultimately and You don’t necessarily get what you pay for and how you can always find someone to do a job at a decent price. The show is closed out by giving Roxy a brief tutorial on Christmas specials.

#43 – Lessons in fighting with Joe Gear

Head of Security Joe Gear was in studio sharing stories about the scraps they’ve gotten into over the years, Keven’s valuable lessons from Donkey Kong, Star Wars, Hawaii Five-O, Death Wish 2 and Star Trek, but Kellie just wants to spend the weekend looking at some paint swatches for her fake life with Keven.