#186 – Laura Govan & Veronika Obeng

On tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, Laura Govan & Veronika Obeng guested and revealed the following:

-Their thoughts on #MeToo

-How they REALLY feel about their exes and who they’re dating now

-The way they will approach the sex talk with their kids

-Their take on the Braxton family controversy

-How racism and sexism has affected both their and their peer’s careers

# 123- Cristen Métoyer

It’s Thursday and Keven and the crew discuss whether or not millennials have a more casual approach towards sex, who would be a good escort and the pros and cons of being a sugar baby. Then Cristen Métoyer from “Basketball Wives” is in studio talking about her life on the show, costarring with her sister, life in and around the NBA her thoughts on the Kardashians, Tiger Woods and what the Kathy Griffin backlash tells us about show business.