Roxy Striar

Roxy Striar


Tomorrow Show rank – Lieutenant Commander

Like many aboard the USS Tomorrow Show, Roxy hails from from Boston, MA. More specifically, she grew up in Newton where all the rich white jews reside, Roxy not withstanding. She wanted to entertain people her whole life, and at age 18, moved to Los Angeles to study acting and film at USC.

Academically, it was her usual effortless achievement of straight A’s. Socially, it was the usual effortless achievement of popularity – and endless days and nights of partying. Then, upon a mysterious plane ride home to Boston, life took a strange and permanent turn. All was normal, at first. 18 year old Roxy, customarily, talked her way up to a first class seat, ordered a whiskey on the rocks then told the person next to her to move to the window seat. As stated, all was normal. However, the person she ordered to move was Keven Undergaro. No stranger to odd behavior, Keven was amused, arguably intrigued. The two chatted the entire flight. By the time they got to baggage claim, Keven promised he would alter the course of her existence. It was difficult for Roxy to hear this. Curbside, her sorority sisters were beeping their car horn so loud. Evidently, there was a full night of drinking ahead and Roxy and the girls couldn’t miss one more second of it. Yet, somehow numbers were exchanged and somehow Roxy, at 18 and with zero experience, ended up hosting the very first AfterBuzz TV after-show. It was just another typical Roxy effortless victory. However, over time something even stranger happened. Roxy began to put in the effort toward hosting, writing and even becoming actual friends with Keven and eventually, Maria. Over time she became family and remains so to this day.

Upon graduation, she became a full-time AfterBuzz producer, has built a solid fan following and is a regular guest on such shows as Schmoes Know, SourceFed, and Sirius XM’s Sam Roberts’ Show. Currently, she is Screen Junkies first female host, leading their highly accalimed TV Fights show, as well as a working actress and writer. She still parties like a rock star – Kev tells her anything less is “off brand.” She is Starfleet’s youngest female officer, ready to teach men how to date millennials or to share her many tales of apathy and debauchery.