Lauren LoGrasso

Lauren LoGrasso

Board Operator/Engineer

Tomorrow Show Rank: Ensign

Lauren LoGrasso is The Tomorrow Show board operator. Originally hailing from the Great State of Michigan, Lauren earned her BFA in Acting and BA in Communication from Michigan State University but began to cultivate her love for radio in college, while working at 89X as an on air Disc Jockey known as “DJ Loseph”. Upon moving to Los Angeles, her love for radio grew to an obsession: specifically Sirius XM’s Cosmo Radio. It was then that she came to realize that audio is the most powerful medium, and that she had a deep desire to share the soul-igniting power of radio with her generation. It’s a sentiment lost on people her age and one Lauren is seeking to re-inspire.

To accomplish her mission, she did everything in Los Angeles from working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to producing and writing short films and sketches, to performing her original music in some of Hollywood’s biggest venues, to doing improv comedy with UCB, to acting in Film, TV and Theatre to hosting at AfterBuzz TV. It was at the latter where she met Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro. Specifically, they met at an AfterBuzz TV You Tube Space career seminar where the duo was giving a guest lecture. There were over a hundred hosts in attendance but Lauren made her way through the crowd to get 1 minute of Keven’s time where she relayed her love of his appearance on Howard Stern and her dream to work in radio – specifically Sirius. True to ‘Underman’ form, within weeks Lauren was hired to be Associate Producer for Conversations with Maria Menounos at Sirius, a job she holds currently. This led to her moonlight position on the Tomorrow Show where big plans are under way such as Lauren doing an accoustic cover version of the WWF’s entire 1985 The Wrestling Album.

A hippy trapped in a young millennial body, Lauren is the perfect misfit for the TSS crew. When she isn’t trying to single handedly save radio, Lauren, is recording her EP with Grammy Award winning producer, Jeff Bova, playing music gigs, teaching guitar to the youth of America (aka Burbank) and rollerblading, because that’s just good fun!