Keven Undergaro

Keven Undergaro


Tomorrow Show Rank: Captain

Keven Tiberius Undergaro is the creator of the online broadcast juggernaut, AfterBuzz TV and a TV, movie and Howard Stern addict from South Medford, MA. His high school years involved little sleep, mainly watching endless hours of television or reading comics. Limited public appearances were spent frolicking, in a self-sewn replica of Adam West’s 1966 Batman costume while driving in the family El Camino that he transformed into the Batmobile. With car and costume, Keven attended school and town events and even thwarted an occasional crime or two. His “work”, at best, confused and at worst irritated. It also helped to get him thrown out of his first college. All of the above while painful, was accepted. Such are the consequences of a super hero – or someone imbalanced.

Keven eventually graduated from Saint Anselm College, an institution strangely more understanding of his unique set of skills and services. Much to the continued dismay of his parents, he went on to work summers on the east coast as a ‘carnie’ toiling, cavorting and rooming alongside such characters as Big Daddy Crackpipe, Homeless Joe and infamed Lobster Boy, Grady Stiles. He did so to finance finance winters in Los Angeles, working alongside of Chris Hardwick, Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra as Head Writer of MTV’sSingled Out. As soon as Keven became Head Writer, he immediately booked such guests as Adam West, former WWWF Champion Bob Backlund and the cast of the Love Boat. Apparently because “all of the above were really big with the millenial MTV generation.” In what would be the firsts of a many habitual ironies with Kevens work, Adam West would go on to be rediscovered, starring on Family Guy, while having Bob Backlund on Singled Out, would help to rekindle MTV’s 15 year dormant relationship with the WWF. After MTV, Keven decided to make his own movie. It proved to be his most costly life experience. One that left him bankrupt, homeless and alone, save a few good men and one girl. That girl was Maria Menounos, who, at 19, had worked for Keven on the movie. By this point, Keven was back to the carnie life and working construction. He had surrendered his dreams and quit any further Hollywood aspirations. However, Maria had dreams of her own. One morning, sharing their twin matress on the floor of an unfinished basement in their hometown of Medford, MA, the two heard Carmen Electra on the Howard Stern Show. Keven told Maria: “One day you’ll be a big star and a guest on the Howard Stern Show, too…” Maria thought Keven was crazy or joking around but he had more clarity in that moment than ever before. And he was through with joking. He went on to say that, with what little power he had left, he would help her to get there. There’s a longer story involved but needless to say he made good on his promise.

The personal heartache forced Keven to transcend to what he deemed a “samurai lifestyle.” His main focus was now on Maria. Gone was much, if not all, of the chicanery and tomfoolery. Forgoing Hollywood events, the red carpet, press, extroverted activities and even existance of any kind, Keven worked round the clock in his home-office, surrounded by his beloved rescue animals. He became the proud architect of Maria’s diversified brand that has touched TV, film, print and radio in a variety of ground breaking roles from actress to author to journalist to entertainment reporter to pro wrestler to digital entrepreneur to Howard Stern regular – as Keven predicted. Keven’s films have played such festivals as Tribeca and South by Southwest and have achieved national theatrical release though AMC theaters. He’s written 2 New York Times Best Sellers and created AfterBuzz TV, an online broadcast network that produces TV after-shows. As the web’s largest content provider, AfterBuzz TV plays to a weekly world audience of 25 million and one billion annually. Since then he has created other digital entities including Black Hollywood Live, the first urban online broadcast network and the Popcorn Talk Network, home for movie discussion. Along with providing outstanding content, the collective networks carry a mission to aid, educate, groom and empower aspiring hosts and artists. Keven, and other industry professionals, host various career seminars at his AfterBuzz studios and Keven is deeply involved in shepherding and mentoring hosts.  To that point, AfterBuzz has helped launch the careers of former hosts, Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls), Kat Bailess (Hit the Floor), Jackie Miranne (Big Morning Buzz, US Weekly, HSN), Stephanie Bauer (Access Hollywood), Cathy Kelley (WWE Network, SiriusXM’s Sam Roberts’ Show) Mari Fagel (E News), Suri Serano (ESPN), Deidre Behar (Entertainment Tonight), AJ Gibson (Hollywood Today), Eboni K. Williams (Fox News), Derrial Christon (BET), Chloe West (Moviefone), , Matt Lieberman (SourceFed), Roxy Striar (Screen Junkies), Krisily Kennedy (Bachelor, AMC Movie News, The Movie Chickk), Alex Wehrley (E! News), Lauren LogGasso (SiriusXM), Ashley Daniels (Leading Periscope Host) and countless others.

Keven co-created and serves as Executive Producer for ABC’s America’s Dance Battle and Executive Produces NCM’s First Look cinema pre-show, seen in 70% of America’s theaters. He also career consults for celebrities, dreamers and lay people alike: all of which he proudly does for free or 10% good karma as he says. Along with TV, movies, podcasts, and radio, he enjoys working in pet rescue and home renovations.

Yet, for all his accomplishments, Keven’s greatest personal achievement remains in his multiple appearances with her on the Howard Stern Show. His impromptu appearance on Howard, one that lasted over an hour, forced Keven out of hiding and into the public eye. Much to Maria’s shagrin, it also rekindled a bit of the madness such as Keven agreeing to train their 50 something stoner pool man to become a professional quarterback or offering castmates of “the Jersey Shore” 10 thousand dollars for one night of drinking with them. Perhaps The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro will be the perfect way to, at last, balance his lunacy while sharing a few strange life lessons along the way. If not, it’s a hell of a way to cope with insomnia, deal with a mid-life crisis and get out of Maria’s hair or just a final entertaining descent into madness.