Jared Gilkerson

Jared Gilkerson


Tomorrow Show Rank : Lt. Commander

Jared Gilkerson grew up on the mean streets of suburban Dublin, Ohio. He was an athlete who exceled at history and television production, which is why he is obsessed with any sports star over the age of 35 and records NBA games from 1992 onto DVD.

When he finally matured at the age of 18, he joined a backyard wrestling league and went by such gimmicks as The American Dream, Blaine Armstrong, British Invasion, Jim Diamond and – most notably – the evil, boa-wearing Comatose, who’s not at all like a hybrid of Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner and The Undertaker. All of the above led to a mediocre effort in high school. Thus, Jared squeaked into Bowling Green State University, where, ironically, the more alcohol he consumed, the more he raised his GPA. Jared did however find his niche in college when he and his best friends took over a music television countdown show and added comedy skits to the fold. Whether it was making fun of DDR nerds on campus or being a Super Sexy Action Cop, Jared loved producing and all things television.

Moving to LA and having produced for E!, his love for podcasts and comedy talk radio, and perhaps his own degree of insanity, lead him here to The Tomorrow Show. His sincere hope is that from his tiny engineer booth in the back of the studio he will have a chance to express both his hatred for the current PC culture we live in and his love for cats.