Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels

Co-Host/Head Talent Booker

Tomorrow Show Rank - Yeoman 1st Class

Unlike Roxy who grew up popular and looked up to by everyone, Ashley Grace Daniels could never quite “make it” in Lynnfield Massachusetts. (An Italian-Armenian hybrid named Ashley Grace Daniels should have been the first sign something was off.) Named “Most Talkative” in Catholic middle school, the nuns gave Ashely Grace Daniels complete ownership of anything she wanted from the school supply closet in return for being silent. However, anytime the nuns would leave the classroom, Ashley would stand up and recite “The Lucy Story”: her 60 second version of Lucille Ball’s life from beginning to end based on her peculiar obsession with old Hollywood. In her free time, unbeknownst to the nuns, Ashley would use the family computer to discover what sex was and, by 4th grade, educated the entire class on the subject, graciously providing students with appropriate websites to visit. Ashley was also a tattle tale, the queen of neighborhood gossip and displayed the inability to take responsibility for her actions without crying hysterically. By 7th grade Ashley had had enough. Her life as peculiar loner had taken its toll prompting Ashely to create a 4 part program to popularity.

  1. Start watching MTV
  2. Buy clothes at Tellos at the Square One Mall,
  3. Change her screen name on AIM to “beautyqueen517”.
  4. Get blonde highlights, acrylic nails and wax her uni-brow.

Ashley never achieved full popularity but came damn close, befriending an assortment of oddities, miscreants and lunatics all of whom she strangely provided comfort and safe-haven. Upon graduation, she moved to Hollywood and arrived at AfterBuzz TV, where she met Keven. For anyone who knows Keven, it was no surprise that he embraced all of the above. Soon, with her Italian neighborhood girl charm, Ashley became one of the networks top red carpet hosts, reporting on everything from the Oscars to the Emmy’s. From there, she became one of world’s top Periscopers. Today, she is just another misfit crew member from the USS Tomorrow Show. Whether recanting naughty Catholic school tales, dishing inside dirt from behind the scenes in Hollywood, interviewing escorts, mobsters, housewives, celebrities and anyone else with a tale to tell or just being human guinea pig, Ashley Daniels is reporting for duty.