The Tomorrow Show Full Shows

#84-Sean “X-Pac” Waltman

Our own Sean “XPac” Waltman shares his thoughts on the death and career of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, also Kurt Angle getting into the WWE Hall of Fame. Keven and Sean also contrast and compare the old days of wrestling to the modern day. Then, the gang dives in to a video of Captain Lou Albano training with the Fabulous Moolah. There was also a recap of Thursday’s visit from Courtney Stodden, discussion about the arrest of the wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter, differing opinions on the film “Patriots Day”, how Keven self-edits movies to improve upon them, the differences between “Actors”and “Movie Stars”, the new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” and how a visit to the Food Court reaffirmed Keven’s faith in humanity.

#83 – Courtney Stodden

Almost the whole crew was reunited tonight to talk about The Most Important Person In The World: YOU! Roxy shares her difficult week and Keven once again teaches us how to turn a seemingly bad situation into a positive one. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman also shares his regrets and reveals whether or not he thinks Triple H would have been as successful without marrying into the family. Later Courtney Stodden joined Keven and crew on the deck of the USS Tomorrow Show to talk about the status of her highly publicized marriage to Doug Hutchinson, as well as the family relationships that have been affected by it her drug and alcohol of choice.

#82 – Crew is back 4 first show of 2017

Keven and the crew are back to ring in 2017, discussing the Golden Globes, a road trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including time networking in the Ladies Lounge, Mariah Carey’s career in light of her New Year’s Eve performance. There’s also reflection on the growth among The Tomorrow Show crew during 2016, then looking ahead to the upcoming Trump administration, and, finally, Keven reveals the role 70’s public service announcements had in the birth of the millennial generation

#81 – Nichelle Nichols; Keven’s Dream of Interviewing Uhura Comes True

Captain Keven Undergaro interviews the legendary Nichelle Nichols aka Uhura from Star Trek. Enjoy!

#80 – Holiday Special with Keven Undergaro

Keven Undergaro, X-Pac and new girl Rhelin Taylor host a post Christmas Holiday special and discuss all the festivities Keven got to part take in – from Adam Carolla’s office party, to the Kardashians to Sylvester Stallone’s Christmas dinner. Plus X-Pac shares what happened at the Roxy. The crew also updates everyone on the sad parting of George Michael. Then they debate who from TTS crew will listen to tonight’s episode. Cast your vote on social media!

#79 – David Cassidy and Christmas Music

Keven Undergaro and crew interview musician David Cassidy.

#78- Janice Dickinson

The original supermodel Janice Dickinson beams aboard the USS Tomorrow Show to talk about her recent wedding, her modeling career, what it takes to make it today, the late nights and endless supply of drugs at Studio 54 and her interactions with Donald Trump, and expectatons for his presidency. Then, Keven and the crew recap the Afterbuzz Christmas party.

#77 – Lala Kent

Lala Kent is in studio explaining why she left Vanderpump Rules, her bullying during the run of the show, who she might stay in touch with from the show, current relationship with an unnamed athlete, fat shaming and slut walks. Finally, Keven mind melds with Lala to explain that her reality enemies are just Spectres of the Gun.

#76- Hollywood Career Coach: Tips to New Years Success

On Tonight’s show we learned from the Hollywood Career Coach, Captain Keven Undergaro. He gave us tips on how to best tackle the New Year by setting goals, doing deep cleaning and creating dream boards. The crew also debriefed their weekend screening of It’s A Wonderful Life, taught Roxy about the joy of the Christmas season and got deep, pondering whether or not Blac Chyna should be allowed to be Blac Kardashian. Later, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman revealed an exclusive story about how Vince McMahon runs his business. The legendary wrestler even learned that Maybe, just maybe, a bunch Christmas decorations going missing doesn’t amount to a huge tragedy. Finally, due to this trying tale, the crew learned a new philosophy: respond, don’t react.

#75 – Jessica Lowndes

The show starts off with Actress Jessica Lowndes in the studio to talk about her acting career on 90210, the Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption, her new movie Abattoir. She also discusses her musical career and involvement in the No Make Up Challenge. Then, Keven leads a spirited conversation on Bostonians, Roxy’s application to get her hair done, The Gong Show, the difficulty finding people to provide services, but, how ultimately and You don’t necessarily get what you pay for and how you can always find someone to do a job at a decent price. The show is closed out by giving Roxy a brief tutorial on Christmas specials.