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#57 – Launching the Fake Detective Agency

PART 1 PART 2 The Fake Life Detective Agency gets a big step closer to being the Real Life Detective Agency with a visit from Los Angeles-Based Private Investigator Bruce Robertson, who tells Keven, Ashley, Kellie and Lauren what it will take to start getting clients. Then, Keven talks about the surprise dinner at Sylvester […]

#9 – Russell Simmons

Businessman Russell Simmons joins The Tomorrow Show in studio for a wide-ranging two hour conversation that including his opinions on President Obama, why he’s supporting Hillary Clinton, how realistic he thinks a Bernie Sanders presidency is, and how he considers his former friend Donald Trump “disgusting”. Russell also speaks his mind about Nation of Islam […]

#8 – Ross Mathews & Sophie Flay

It’s National Beer Day, and celebrity relative Sophie Flay guest hosts at the bar. Ross Matthews joins us to evaluate the crew for a competition to determine who would make the best entrance into a gay club, he also talks about the importance of just going for it, and being focused on your dreams. For […]

#7 – Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Keven recaps his and Maria’s Wrestlemania weekend in Dallas, including talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bob Backlund, Ric Flair and how proud he is of Afterbuzz alumni Cathy Kelley. The crew then falls down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, including serial killers, beautiful suicides and an in-depth exploration of Roxy’s namesake The Honey […]

#6 – Adrianne Haslet & Kirsten Vangsness

Boston bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet visits the studio to share her story of losing a leg, how she will be running in this year’s marathon, and her opinion of the infamous Rolling Stone cover. Then, “Criminal Minds” star Kirsten Vangsness visited the studio, and told her inspiring story and how her persistence as an actress […]

#5 – The Most Interesting Man in Encino?

Keven unveils his plans for the Man Curtin, which gives the power of the bedroom back to the men. Later, Roxy insists that Jared participate in the banana peel challenge. Finally, they spend the second hour with “The Most Interesting Man in Encino”, whom Keven met in a coffee shop, and regales us with international […]

#4 – Randall Emmett

Movie producer Randall Emmett joins the show to talk about his rise in the business, wrestling Mark Wahlberg and working with Martin Scorsese. Keven talks about his busy day which included draining a dog’s anal glands, consulting with a psychic and his visit to Larry King’s podcast. And we remember the late, great Garry Shandling […]

#3 – Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham stops by the studio to discuss how she thinks Donald Trump and Kanye West would perform in bed, virtual sex goggles, Kim Kardashian, an Uber ride from hell and her beef with Nicki Minaj & Bethany Frankel. Also our captain Keven Undergaro gives some career advice in how to deal […]

#1 – Maria Menounos

Captain Keven Undergaro & Admiral Maria Menounous rush over to the premiere episode of The Tomorrow Show after Maria’s Jimmy Kimmel appearance. Keven introduces himself and the crew (co-hosts Roxy Striar & Ashley Daniels, Executive Producer Christian Bladt, and Associate Producers Jared Gilkerson and Lauren LoGrasso) to the TTS audience. Keven & Maria then break […]