The day’s final broadcast. The underdog’s best friend.

Having been forced to listen to 17 years of Keven’s broken record rantings about career, his odd life-lessons based on sports, his warped analogies to, and peculiar emulations of, old TV and movie characters, endless hours of Howard Stern and Adam Carolla quote regurgitations and his insane stories from his days working as a “carnie” and working in television, Maria Menounos was more than happy to “gift” (dump) all of the above others. Thus, a set was built, a staff was assembled and Star Trek costumes were sewn – because if you’re going to host a talk show, you might as well do so in style. Will The TomorrowShow with Keven Undergaro inspire other mid-lifers and youth alike? Or will it merely entertain them as they watch one man’s final spiral into madness and self destruction? The good news is all you need is a smartphone or access to the web to find out.