#153-Sam Roberts Hosts With Special Guest Austin Aries

On tonight’s episode, Sam Roberts, of SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show, guest hosted! He talked about his extremely crafty way of wooing his wife& how AIM& Milk Duds came into play. Later, Wrestler Austin Aries joined the crew and schooled them on the importance of vegetables. No cows for double A! Finally, Clouse rounds out the show with some PERTINENT news stories including whether or not Kylie Jenner is preggers, Anthony Weiner’s sentence and John Cena’s potential retirement.

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  1. […] Austin estuvo una entrevista con al gente de The Tomorrow Show, donde se le cuestionó acerca de un tema particular que no tiene que ver nada con la lucha libre y ese es el misterioso caso de las plátanos que varios fans pudieron notar en su saco en la ceremonia de inducción del salón de la fama de WWE. […]


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